David Santy Music Artists In The Plus Music Festival

Artists In The Plus Music Festival

The Artists In The Plus Music Festival, hosted by +John Voshell of +Artists In The Plus, was a historic 30+ Hour Live Hangout on Air music festival featuring 48 about sixty different artists!

Check out the Event Page for all the great screenshots from the event. We all had a blast!

Special guest hosts included +Matthew Rappaport, +Sean Cowen, +MaryGui Perrino, +Billy Wilson and +Roger R.H. King.

Featured artists include myself, +Paul Platt, +Daria Musk, +Heather Fay, +Ryan Van Sickle, +Lizzy Spit, +Tina Vale, +Meri Amber, +James Olmos and many more! Many more. Did I mention there were 48 different artists scheduled to perform? All told it ended up being about sixty artists!

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(Artwork by +Mike Searle)
Artists In The Plus Music Festival

Check out the following pages for video from this historic online concert event!