David Santy Concerts In The Plus Art Kirk Mathew Gatzka

“Concerts In The Plus” Artwork by Kirk Mathew Gatzka!

Wowee! Last’s Friday night’s performance on “Concerts In The Plus” with +John Voshell of +Artists In The Plus yielded a surprise request…

In attendance that night was digital artist +Kirk Mathew Gatzka who offered to gift +Gretchen Chappelle, +Kristian Jackson, +Paul Platt and myself with our own painted portraits from the show!

Check out his original post on gatzkArt here.

Thanks very much to Kirk, John and all the other performers. If you missed the show that night you can watch it right here:

  1. Thanks for the compliment of posting your digital portrait, by me, to your site! The link to the site is thoughtful of you as well. Kindness is not always returned, but you have done so and I appreciate it immensely!

    1. Thank you for doing the portraits! Great work!

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